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About Be SmartHER & Annie, The Founder

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Follow me on instagram @_anni3_k

The whole SmartHER play on words is an evolutional mindset that I, Annie, the founder of SmartHER Marketing and Be SmartHER has pushed on myself to learn how to be resourceful as a woman, and more so as a single mother, to be better and smartHER in my life. In a few words, I am a self-published author of an inspirational, self-help book, a marketing maven by profession and passion, a small business consultant, and a passionate self-love and self-care promoter.

I am a relentless advocate in helping to empower women to shy away from their fears and step into their light to become a SmartHER woman through this community. I want a place for women to go to where they can self-guide their interests to read, learn, and be inspired at their own pace and on their own time. I have so much knowledge, experiences, and stories to share that I really can’t contain myself most times, plus there’s a lot from women like you that I want to learn from, too!

This community serves as a resource, tools, and support platform to help cultivate and nurture every woman to “Be SmartHER because a SmartHER woman is everything.”

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Be SmartHER is a mindset. The mindset of a woman who isn’t afraid to push herself to be better and smartHER in all aspects of her beautiful life. She wants to learn from other women and she wants to share her knowledge, experiences, and journey to help other women.

A SmartHER woman amplifies her ambitions, breeds determination, and pursues her passion through a pledged allegiance to herself to continuously want to improve her circumstances.