Passion, you see it everywhere, but do you feel it?

Passion, you see the word passion inserted into quotes and poster boards all over social media. Quotes like “Follow your passion”, “Live with passion”, “Turn your passion into income”, and “Find and pursue your passion.”

When you see these types of quotes, do they move you to want to find your passion? I do like them simply because they do their first job, which is to remind me, to first live my life with passion - every aspect of it. Even if it’s taking out the trash, or washing the pile of dishes, I do it like I want to because inserting passion into every aspect and tasks in my life has helped to positively change my entire mood and mindset, especially when it came to me going through my own “finding my passion and purpose journey.” I was able to gauge how different things made me FEEL on what I call my “passion scale”.

What is passion though?

Passion by dictionary definition is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, and suffering (old biblical times) - this makes sense because passion does make you feel like you’re suffering at times when you make sacrifices to pursue it, but you’ll be ok with the sacrifices when you start to truly LOVE what you’re doing.

You feel passion in your heart, you don’t think up passion in your mind. Yes, your passion in life could be one or a few and you will know what they are when you START DOING instead of thinking about it. You have to FEEL your way through your truth to find your passion, you won’t find it in your head because you can’t feel that intense enthusiasm in your thoughts, you have to be doing something to feel. That feeling you get, what does it move you to do? The DOING is what will get you to start living with passion.

Passion is moving, powerful, and not always “rainbows and butterflies.” To me, my own personal quote about it is “Passion sets your soul on fire, makes your heart sing, and head spin.”

The breakdown of my quote:

When something sets your soul on fire, that means you’re hyped and you can’t stop talking about it or doing it, no matter what. When something makes your heart sing, that means it feels right and it makes you feel good inside and out, and when your head spins, it means you sometimes don’t get why you’re still doing, or going at something when you’ve spent endless hours at it, faced rejection, and even setbacks.” Passion doesn’t leave you alone, it will find its way to insert itself in all aspects of your life, you just have to pay attention to how you feel when you’re doing things, or when you speak about certain topics.

Your passion isn’t always easily identifiable because you can’t see it and like I said, you feel it. Like the air, you can’t see it but you breathe it, and some days the air is cold, other days it’s hot - but you know it’s there even if you can’t see it because you can feel it through your skin and your breath, whether it’s hot or cold.

Where can you start in finding your passion?

I know I said don’t think about passion but this is an exercise that links your mind and heart to your passion. Ask yourself, as a child, what did you LOVE to do or what did you LOVE to talk about? How did that make you feel then as a child, and now think about your adult years, have you found yourself doing that thing you LOVED, maybe not in its exact way, but in a different form? How does it make you feel now? Is it the same, if not more intense? If either, then you’re most likely at the tip of realizing your passion in life.

For me, I always LOVED to write as a kid and I really LOVED helping the kids in my class with class projects and assignments. I also love to speak, sometimes I can’t shut up. Writing is my passion because it makes me feel good and sometimes it even drives me crazy but the thing is, I know it’s my passion because I can’t stop doing it even if I have difficult clients, or receive negative feedback from the public. All this just fuels my soul and sets it on fire to continue to pursue my passion in writing, together with my other love for marketing. I am really loving what I am doing because I write for me, and for that one person who can relate out of the 7.5 billion souls in the world, plus I love the satisfaction from helping out others pursue their passion because it’s my part of my purpose to help others.

Another way to start finding your passion is to look to your honest family and friends and ask them what is that you can’t shut the f*ck up about? What topic(s) do they see you passionately speak on? How does their answers make you feel? If you agreed and started to feel that spark inside you just hearing the topic(s) again, then you are most likely passionate about that - now ask yourself, how can you make a living with that passion?

Remember, passion will be what drives you to creating the life you want, but creating the life you want still involves continuous effort which includes actionable steps. Try something to feel out your passion and if it doesn’t jive, either give it up or do it differently.

P.S. At one point in my life, I thought because I was good at math and graduated with a degree in Corporate Finance, that my passion was the accounting and finance field. I was so wrong, and marketing is where my passion comes to life. However, I do love a few things about finance and that is the data, and I bring that love of data into what I do today but used in a different way in Marketing. I’m also continuously feeling out different ways to allow my passion to speak and guide my heart to truly getting to the cliche life of “love what you do and do what you love", and it will never feel like work”.