Are you sitting on gold?

Alright, first things first - are you collecting email addresses for your business? Yes? Phew! Feel free to continue reading and if you’re a master at mining your gold, then connect with me and let’s exchange some knowledge on what’s worked for you and vice versa.


No? That’s ok for now but do start, after reading this blog! You might already be collecting email addresses but not sure what to do with it because you don’t realize the VALUE of that golden nugget or gold coin, whatever gold form you like! I met a woman who had over 200 email addresses that she was not doing anything with! I told her she needed to start “mining her gold” and at the least communicate to her list to see if they wanted to remain in her “gold mining cart” or better known as her database.

When I say collect, I mean in a legitimate way like through subscriptions on your website to blogs, newsletters, promotions, or sign-up forms for your events, and even during transactional events like a merchandise purchase.

Why are email addresses like gold? For one, people have provided this point of contact to you for an exchange of some sort from you. You have an idea of what their interest is from what you exchanged with them for their email address. For example, if you signed up to Join my SmartHER community, then you provided your email address and expressed your interest in Be SmartHER’s content and mission.

When someone expresses or raises their hand by giving you their email address, make sure to put that email address into an emailing list noted with their interest. You can do this automatically through an email service provider like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, and most website hosting companies have built in marketing services now that help you manage and build your email lists. Also, you can default to the manual Excel spreadsheet data entry but this will not be ideal when your email list starts to grow faster than you could type!

One of the goals is to expand on the interest of the person so you can better serve them relatable content. For example, if your business is providing writing services, and someone signs up for your newsletter through a “how to write captions for social media” blog, then you should strategize on content to deliver to this person around writing tips, social media tips, etc. with a call-to-action (CTA) on booking your services if they get stuck.

The bottom line is that you either have email addresses that you aren’t doing anything with, or you are doing something but not quite sure what more you could do. Maybe you aren’t sure how to build your email lists once you have an email address, or maybe you need help with content strategy and building out the “rail road” tracks to deliver the gold, which for most is the revenue goal.

There’s a lot that can be done but I can’t write about it all on this blog. I really wanted you to realize how valuable an email address is when someone provides you with it!

If you’re interested in learning more about “mining your gold” (your email lists) then feel free to let me know by submitting your email address via the quick form at the end of this blog, and I will share with you some great marketing campaign ideas, how-to’s, and what to-do’s with your email list(s)!

Totally optional but I do like to call you by your first name at the least.